Meeting on Lake Como or Lake Maggiore



If you are anything like me, perhaps you have a yearning for something real, genuine, and authentic. We desire wholesome moments that arouse the mind as much as the body, with each engagement treated as something special and memorable. The anticipation of our meeting puts excitement back into the world and we haven’t even met yet… 


My rates are based on actual date experiences rather than hourly blocks of time. With me, there is no clock. I simply wish to enjoy my time with you without any need to rush. I genuinely have our best interests at heart as I care more about creating an experience that is fulfilling for the both of us. I want to get to know who you are. I want to see you smile, laugh, and escape a little. Even if for a brief moment in time.

Our evening can be filled with gourmet delights, a good glass of wine, and a chance to indulge in one another. I find great pleasure in meeting men whom I can truly connect with, therefore, I am especially selective.

No more playing games. Just bliss...


- The late afternoon GFE meeting - €650 - starts around 5  pm and lasts up to 2 hours*

(only private time).


- The Late Afternoon - Early Evening Cocktail Date - €850 - starts around 7  pm and lasts up to 3 hours

This is a chance to indulge in one another…

* Dates of 3 hrs require an appetizer


- The Evening Dinner Date - €1000

A minimum of 4-5 hours. This is a sweet taste of our chemistry together…

* 4 hrs or more require a meal in a public setting


- Escape With Me - €1200

A half day. With a little more time to indulge, we can have fun excursion and a night out on the town...


- Overnight & Morning Coffee - €1500 

No rush! Wake up to a warm smile and the scent of freshly brewed coffee…


- Dinner Date (Only social time) - €500 

A minimum of 2 hours.


Booking Process

Advanced Booking is strictly required. No last minute calls!

I prefer to be contacted by email first, but will not respond to 1-2 sentences enquiries (like "Are you available tonight, tomorrow or in general?). Be reasonable with your offer and write as much details as you can, please.

I accept phone calls only from visible mobile numbers. Note, I do not accept free Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram calls. Please write a full request and note that I do not chat, I simply do not respond.

You may call me between 10a.m. and 11 p.m (UTC +1). If I am not able to respond, please try later or write an email.

Your booking is requested to be confirmed at least by 1 pm on the same day that our meeting is scheduled.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! For all dates that start later 7 pm from January 2020 an initial screening or 20% deposit in advance will be required, due too many scams and time-wasters who book, postpone few times or/and cancel at the last minute with no serious or fictive reason.

The deposit can be paid via PayPal, Coin Base, or instant direct transfer to my credit card.



How should I give you your donation?

Once I arrive to meet you, please have the agreed gift prepared discreetly inside an open envelope and hand it to me within our first minutes together.
Please don’t create a situation where I need to ask for my donation and certainly do not discuss money in any way. If we are meeting in public place please present the donation discreetly within our first minutes together in a gift bag or inside the card.

What is The Elite Girlfriend Experience?

Girlfriend Companion provides unique, sensual, discreet, unrushed and uncomplicated service.

I describe it as a Real Date of sophisticated magic moments, erotic fantasies, seducing situations, passionate affections, alluring flirtation and romantic connections.

A Girlfriend Companion offers a luxury and delicate temporary relationship rather than just usual sex session. She is indulging romantic Dinner dates, enjoying Gourmet trips, traveling and relaxing in Exotic places.

She is always responsive, affectionate and attentive to fulfill her partner’s emotional and sexual desires. Mutual chemistry is very important so partners like to pamper each other by kissing, touching that both enjoy and expect this enigmatic unforgettable time never stops...

Can I meet you for a drink or a cup of coffee, to see if we are compatible?

Experience has shown that a Gentleman with this type of request is not serious about this type of endeavor. I refuse to play games. My website should hopefully answer any questions you may have about my personality etc. So the answer is no. If you would simply like to meet for drinks an hourly rate would apply for an only social date to be paid upfront.